Bounce & Grind

Bounce & Grind

By Mary Doyle

November 12, 2019

Whether you go with Taylormade, Titleist, Ping or Mizuno after a custom fitting session with us, make sure you put your wedges to the test.

Getting fitted for wedges is probably the most personal fitting a golfer can experience. There are a few extra factors that impact a wedge that should be considered by a player when choosing clubs for those tricky green-side flop shots or spinning pitches. During a wedge fitting you may hear the words bounce and grind. Both of these enchanting words relate to the sole of the club and how much or little material is added to the back of the club to help the attack angle of the leading edge – using a club with a bounce/grind that doesn’t suit your attack angle can lead to fat and thin shots. To find the right bounce and grind for your wedges, I have a few pointers to hold at the back of your mind during your next fitting.

Firstly, let’s figure out what these terms actually mean…

Bounce is about the relationship of the sole of the club to the leading edge. It can come in many different degrees, but is usually divided into low, mid and high bounce categories. The lower the bounce, the closer the leading edge is to the ground, and vice versa.

General rule: Usually clubs with a lower bounce tend to suit players with a shallow attack angle. Whereas players with a steep attack angle commonly need more bounce to help their impact habits. Having said that, this is a very loose guideline and players attack angles can change depending on circumstances, i.e. – shot type or how the ball is sitting. (Hence the need to get fitted!!)

Grind also relates to the manipulation of material on the sole of the club. However, it’s more closely associated with the design of the club. Certain design features allow players to open, close or set-up the club in a variety of different ways without having a great influence on impact. Other grinds are suited for shots played with a square club face.

When talking about bounce and grind, think of on-course scenarios. Are you able to play a flop shot easily with this bounce/grind? Can you play shots with a variety of club face positions, i.e. open, closed, and square? Can you control the trajectory? What’s the contact like on hard and soft turf?

Fortunately, when getting fitted at the Academy, players have the opportunity to play shots off hard and soft surfaces, in bunkers, in rough or from tight lies. In order to find the most helpful short game tools for you, I would strongly advise taking advantage of this option and hitting a variety of different shots in order to understand how a particular club behaves. By testing the wedges in different conditions, it is easier for both you and the fitter to recommend the best bounce and grind for your game.

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