Custom Fitting Myths

Custom Fitting Myths

By Mary Doyle

May 23, 2019

There’s a big grey area when it comes to club fittings and what exactly golfers should consider when choosing their next set of clubs. Personally, I never really understood what the fitter took into consideration before advising me on equipment. Is it your handicap, club head speed or even your age? Or maybe it’s something completely different? To clear the air, I spoke to Mark O’Mahony about some of the most common preconceived ideas golfers have going into a fitting. With over 7 years of experience in the Titleist national fitting centre, Mark has seen, (and heard) it all; now it’s time to set the record straight. This article aims to eliminate some of the preconceived ideas some golfers may have heading into a golf fitting.


This is a myth! Your handicap does not impact or influence your fitting. Sometimes golfers can attach an expectation of what club ‘should’ suit them depending on their handicap, but when it comes down to the final verdict, handicap is irrelevant. What outweighs a player’s handicap is their performance and ability during the fitting. In other words, the fitter does not pull a concluding idea around what type of club would best suit a player based on handicap.

Club-head Speed

Another myth. How fast you swing the club does not automatically form an opinion for the fitter. Just because you swing it the same speed as Justin Thomas, doesn’t mean you should buy the same driver. Also, this number doesn’t directly translate into distance, there are a number of other factors that will determine your flight and distance that golf fitters are more tuned into.


This is not a myth. Strike is the most important factor that fitters consider when deciding on the best club for a player. Hitting the middle of the face is the main goal, and hitting it consistently should be one of your make or break deciding factors. This may be the reason why some players confuse club head speed with hitting it further; if you’re not hitting it out of the middle, speed won’t help you as much as it could!


Myth number three. Age is irrelevant during a fitting. One of the best things about this game is that any age group can play and it does not impact ability as much as it does in other sports. Depending on fitness and strength levels, some players will have more control over the club than the others. This doesn’t mean to say that a younger player will have more control than an older player, or vice versa, it depends on that golfers’ game and swing. Hence why age is irrelevant.


As Mark says; ‘Aesthetics always wins!’. The player’s preference is a really important factor to a fitting. Have you ever heard a golfer say “I just like the way it sits” – well this is another important element that plays a part in choosing the best club. If the player likes the look of the face when they’re setting up, chances are they are going to swing that club well. The same goes for the other way around.

Ball Speed

The final truth speaker for a fitter. Ball speed is a better and more important indicator for a fitter when deciding on what the best choice for that particular player is. This number can be easily confused with club-head speed, but they are not the same thing. The fitter is more inclined to look at ball speed over club-head speed because it takes strike into account. The ball will travel faster depending on both speed and whether the player is striking it towards the centre.

Trackman has made the golf-fitters job that little bit easier by presenting the numbers and making shot feedback a lot clearer. However, it is difficult to override the experience of the fitter, which is why your fitter is a better source to take advice from. Also, do not neglect your ‘golf intuition’. If you like a club, even if it goes against the numbers, make sure you say it, and maybe hit a few more shots with it before completely dismissing that option.


Custom Fitting – within easy reach of Dublin, Kildare and Meath, get fitted with TaylorMade, PING, Mizuno or Titleist.

So what makes a custom fit experience different at the GUI National Golf Academy?

During your Custom Fitting Session we:

– Record your ball flight data while you hit balls with your own clubs

– Record your ball flight data while you hit balls with our Custom Fitting clubs

– You can choose from Mizuno / PING / TaylorMade

– Discuss your results and offer our opinion on how we feel you might wish to proceed

– We use Trackman 4 technology, hitting on to the driving range (no nets) and premium (tournament standard) golf balls throughout all of our Custom Fitting Sessions

– We will send you your club specification recommendations via email, after your session

– We can offer you final costings – should you wish to purchase your clubs with us as built by the manufacturer

– We will not advise you to purchase any equipment in the absence of obvious benefits to your game

– Full after sales care

– We can have your new clubs shipped to your door, anywhere in Ireland


Categories available

Driver | Fairway metal | Hybrid | Irons | Wedges | Putter



1 hour Custom Fitting Session (1 category) €80

2 hour Custom Fitting Session (2 – 3 categories) €130

3 hour Custom Fitting Session (Full Bag Fitting) €170


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