Five reasons to play golf with your family

Five reasons to play golf with your family

By Alan Kelly

November 4, 2019

So you’ve all probably once upon a time been out to an adventure golf/mini golf and had a quick 9 or 18 hole game with family and friends. But have you ever taken the time to wonder what it would be like to play real golf with them?

It’s true that it’s a lot more difficult than tapping a ball a couple of meters through a windmill, but there’s many reasons why it is much more beneficial:

1. Promoting an active lifestyle

When it comes to golf, there’s a lot more activity involved in comparison to adventure golf, such as walking the course. Having your kids play golf every other weekend, or whenever your schedule allows, is a fantastic way to ingrain an active lifestyle especially as we move more and more towards mobile devices.

2. Appreciate the outdoors

With an ever-growing range of activities available at your fingertips through the form of a games console or mobile phone, society generally is seeing fewer people actually wanting to go outside and take a moment to appreciate what’s around us. Golf is almost always based outside and in most cases is set in a beautiful environment where you can really take the time to enjoy the views and scenery.

3. Quality time together

Whilst this point could be argued that adventure golf allows you to spend quality time together, playing actual golf allows you to almost switch off from the crowded busy world and have an hour or two alone with your family in nature enjoying the game of golf. With little distractions, you’ll find yourself enjoying each other’s company more and also enjoying the round of golf more.

4. Golf is for everyone

No matter your age, golf is a game suitable for all ages and in most cases a variety of disabilities. If you’re planning on taking the kids out or inviting grandma and grandpa along too, no one has to sit on the sidelines and watch while everyone else has fun!

5. You might actually be good at it

You’re maybe known for being the best at adventure golf in the family, but have you ever tested yourself on a real course? You might soon lose your title as someone else discovers their talent and love for the sport. But who knows, maybe you’ll be a natural as well! Golf is a fantastic sport to measure your ability and also your progression of improving.

So what are you waiting for, start planning your trip to our Academy for your first ever golf lesson, bring the family and spend some quality time together.

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