Junior Weekly Clinics

Junior Weekly Clinics

By Mary Doyle

February 20, 2019

“We focus on the basics and fundamentals with an emphasis on fun”.Niall McGlynn (PGA accredited professional & Junior clinic coach)

The academy strives to develop better golf for every category of player; including junior golfers! This is why we’ve developed a programme specifically for junior beginners.  As mentioned above, the main priority is making golf an enjoyable experience for kids while developing some basic skills that will help them return to the game at any stage in their life. As well as being a sustainable sport, golf has a lot of benefits that we introduce in these sessions. Focus, resilience, patience, golf etiquette and dealing with frustration are just some of the life skills that evolve through playing golf.

During the first half of the hourly clinics, our PGA coaches will address the class as a group, as well assessing each player individually. Each class focuses on one basic element of the game – this might be the grip, posture or balance – which will then be tested through a tailored group challenge in the second half of the class.

The competitive environment we strive to create, requires the player to develop a confidence in themselves and their ability, which is one the main attributes this game demands. Golf can be a difficult game, but once a player gets a grasp on the basic fundamentals, these skills don’t tend to leave them. Golf then becomes a game that they can always return to!

Regardless of the goals any player has starting off in the game, the GUI Academy is probably the best place to start golf. Being apart of the academy allows players to train in the same environment as some of the country’s best players and gain access to some of Ireland’s top golf coaches. Depending on the player’s aspirations, this setting gives an ambitious beginner a chance to be recognised and break through onto the regional and national golfing scenes at a young age. In the past, players have started off in these clinics, progressed to individual lessons, and since have been flagged for regional panel selectors.

All clinics are structured around a 6 or 7-week programme, and run parallel with the school terms. In order to book please visit our website or call the Academy to start your child in a new sport.

For more on our junior classes call 01 5054040 or email kenny@bettergolf.ie

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Offering golf lessons, golf clinics, junior golf classes and a full custom fitting service, the GUI National Golf Academy and Driving Range has something for everyone. A team of professionals are waiting to deliver the best golf lessons available while state of the art technology is available with TrackMan 4 available for golf lessons and custom fitting.

Our full day and two-hour clinics are very popular with those looking for a general overhaul of their game, or for those that want to focus in on a certain aspect.

The driving range, all 22 acres of it – includes five USGA specification greens and four grass tee boxes, reserved for those having private golf lessons with one of our staff.

If its custom fitting you’re after, then we have Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade and Mizuno available on-site for testing.

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