Play Better Golf by Playing with the Right Equipment

Play Better Golf by Playing with the Right Equipment

By Alan Kelly

March 5, 2020

Golf lessons, practicing hard, and working out in the gym can all help you play better golf – but they’ll help you even more if you’re playing the right golf equipment for your game.

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and Brooks Koepka didn’t become the stars they are today by grabbing a set of factory standard golf clubs off the shelf and heading to the first tee. No, every golf club they use is custom fitted to the exact specifications needed for them to maximize their abundant talent.

But just because those clubs are great for Rory, Tiger, and Brooks, it doesn’t mean they’d be great for you. That’s why we recommend you come along to one of our golf club custom fitting sessions at the GUI National Golf Academy to find out what golf equipment you should be using.

The Benefits of Custom Fitting

When you come along to one of custom fitting sessions, our PGA Professionals will watch you hit balls and monitor your data using the latest Trackman 4 equipment and software. Trackman is regularly used by most professionals to monitor ball flight, spin rates, and dispersion.

You’ll start by hitting balls with your own clubs and, if Trackman shows your current equipment is perfect for your game, we won’t try and sell you some new clubs! That’s not something you’ll hear every day.

If we do think a change in equipment would improve your game, our professionals will suggest the clubs they think will help you make the most improvement. You can then hit some more balls with these clubs and see the results on Trackman.

Another big advantage of a custom-fitting session at the GUI National Golf Academy is we have a full driving range where you can see where the golf balls you hit go. That’s not the case at many pro shops where you would be asked to hit balls into a net and simply believe what Trackman says. We also have a large putting green where you can test putters that might shave a few shots off your game.

During our custom fitting sessions, you’ll only be asked to hit tournament quality balls, so you get true results with the clubs you use.

Our Full Custom Fitting Service

If your current clubs prove to be a perfect match for your game at the end of your custom-fitting session, as we said we won’t try selling you some new equipment. But your session won’t have been a waste of time, as you’ll know when you hit a bad shot in the future you simply made a bad swing,

But if new equipment could improve your golf game, our professionals will discuss your Trackman results and offer you the best advice. We’ll even email your results and recommended specifications to you after your session, so you can buy your new clubs whenever and wherever you choose.

We’ll also provide you with a competitive price for any new equipment you may want from a big choice of manufacturers, including Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, Mizuno, Srixon, Cleveland, Callaway, Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and Cobra.

If you buy from us, your clubs will be sent directly to any address in Ireland and will come with the full manufacturer’s guarantee. You can also take advantage of our free after-sales care check-up, which means you can bring your clubs back to the Academy after 6-months and we’ll check your loft and lies are still true.

You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain from a custom-fitting session at the GUI National Golf Academy, so book yours now.

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Offering golf lessons, golf clinics, junior golf classes and a full custom fitting service, the GUI National Golf Academy and Driving Range has something for everyone. A team of professionals are waiting to deliver the best golf lessons available while state of the art technology is available with TrackMan 4 available for golf lessons and custom fitting.

Our full day and two-hour clinics are very popular with those looking for a general overhaul of their game, or for those that want to focus in on a certain aspect.

The driving range, all 22 acres of it – includes five USGA specification greens and four grass tee boxes, reserved for those having private golf lessons with one of our staff.

If its custom fitting you’re after, then we have Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade and Mizuno available on-site for testing.

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