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Distance Control

A common fault coaches like myself see, is a player’s inability to control the distance of their shots – especially with wedges. With the new Titleist SM9s arriving at the Academy this week (available for custom fitting now) it’s fitting to share some simple tips around distance control. 

Firstly, it’s important to recognise the three main ways of controlling distance: 

  1.  Length of Swing
  2.  Speed of Swing
  3.  Club Choice

Most golfers understand that if you swing the club faster you will hit it further and vice versa. However, this is the most inconsistent way of controlling distance. The more reliable way is to try and keep the tempo/speed of your swing consistent, then adjust the length of your swing depending on the length of shot. For instance, a short 40-yard wedge shot for me, would only need a half swing with a 58-degree wedge. Whereas an 80-yard shot might need a ¾ swing with a 50-degree wedge. If I tried to hit a max out 58-degree wedge 80 yards I could probably do it, but there’s very little room for error. Whereas it’s much easier to swing at a comfortable speed and vary the swing length and/or club choice depending on what the shot requires.

Some say a marker of a great player, is how good their bad shots are. Adapting the length of swing and/or cub choice is a much easier way to manage distance and give you more margin for error. As well as this, it’s easier to hit the sweet spot more often! 

If you’re looking for some more tailored tips on how to improve your wedge game, think about booking in for a golf clinic. More information about our pitching and wedge play clinic can be found here.

To book, call us on 01 505 4040 or email us at ‘’.  

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