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Summer Golf Camps

As summer rolls around, our junior summer golf camps kick off. Our first summer golf camp will be for Teenagers, running at the end of June (20th – 24th of June | Age: 13 – 16yrs). July and August will be packed with summer camp weeks for juniors between the ages of 7 – 12yrs. These camps are a great way to introduce juniors to the game while making friends and receiving coaching from some of our experienced golf professionals.

From a golf coach’s perspective, we have three main priorities for the camps that help us ensure the juniors have a positive experience of the game:

  1. Safety: without understanding and respecting the safety rules first, we can’t push on with the fun activities of the camp. We must first trust that the juniors are clear on the safety rules/zones and respect them throughout.
  2. Fun: we like to use specific practice games with the juniors to help them learn and implement the fundamentals of the sport while competing in teams with their peers. Using a point system in our practise games adds some extra excitement to coaching, as well as getting the juniors comfortable with some pressure practice.
  3. Learning: as well as fun, the goal of the camp is to help the juniors become familiar with some of the different golf clubs, swings and golf terms they need to know in order to play the game. We do our best to incorporate both fun and learning to help the juniors enjoy picking up some pointers.

As we see it, if the juniors are safe, having fun and learning a few things as they participate in the camp, we’ve hit our goal. Our list of priorities for the camp should provide an insight for parents about what our golf camps entail and why they would enrol their daughter or son.

The camps normally attract juniors who are starting off in the game or have been playing for a short period of time. Tying into the fun aspect of the camp, we look to keep juniors of a similar ability and/or age together so that the competition is fair.

If you are looking to book your child in or have any other queries, please email us at

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