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Just tap it in

The basics of putting revolve around finding a solid roll, and gaining a sense of pace. So far, we have mentioned very little about holing putts, or direction in general

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Go to your home ball!

In a round of golf, our strokes on the green can hoover up a large percentage of our shots – sometimes it can be more than 50% if you’re having a bad day with the flat stick

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Bounce & Grind

Whether you go with Taylormade, Titleist, Ping or Mizuno after a custom fitting session with us, make sure you put your wedges to the test

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Blade v Cavity

I’m not sure if the perception I had about irons is a shared one when I say – good players use blades and not cavity backs

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Golf Clinics

Brush up on your technique and improve your game in one of our golf clinics.

Kids golf

We make sure that you have FUN at the Academy and make learning about golf fun

Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting is now an essential element when purchasing new clubs.

GUI National Golf Academy | Golf Lessons | Driving Range | Golf Clinics

GUI National Golf Academy
Carton Demesne
County Kildare

Telephone: 015054040

About The Academy

Offering golf lessons, golf clinics, junior golf classes and a full custom fitting service, the GUI National Golf Academy and Driving Range has something for everyone. A team of professionals are waiting to deliver the best golf lessons available while state of the art technology is available with TrackMan 4 available for golf lessons and custom fitting.

Our full day and two-hour clinics are very popular with those looking for a general overhaul of their game, or for those that want to focus in on a certain aspect.

The driving range, all 22 acres of it – includes five USGA specification greens and four grass tee boxes, reserved for those having private golf lessons with one of our staff.

If its custom fitting you’re after, then we have Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade and Mizuno available on-site for testing.

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