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What clubs do I need?

If you’re new to golf and looking for some advice as to what should be in your bag, look no further. Here’s a great overview from our resident PGA Trainee Mary Doyle.

Types of golf clubs

There are three main different types of clubs that beginners should be aware of.

  1. The Putter: this club is used to putt with, which is a term coined to describe the ball rolling on the green. The ‘green’ is the part of the golf course that has very short grass and is where the hole is finished. The putter’s clubhead has a flat, smooth part called the face which can be made with a variety of materials. The face is the part of the clubhead which golfer’s use to hit the ball. In general golfer’s only have one putter in their golf bag.
  • The Iron: this club is used on the fairway or when a golfer is hitting into the green. Normally, golfers have between 6 – 8 irons in their golf bag. A variety of irons help the golfer hit the ball different distances and get the ball close to the hole. Irons typically have a face that is marked with lines, called grooves, that help propel the ball into the air and allow it to land softly on the green. Each iron has a different amount of loft which changes how high the golf ball goes in the air. The higher the number on the iron, the higher and shorter the ball will go.
  • The Driver: this club is generally used from the tee-box which is where each golf hole starts from. A driver has a big clubhead that is usually a lot lighter than putter or iron clubheads. The driver face is also flat but doesn’t have obvious grooves like irons. The larger clubhead and face helps the golfer to hit the ball greater distances without sacrificing accuracy too much. The driver is the longest club in the bag and golfer’s usually have just one driver in the bag.

When starting out, if you have a putter, 9 or 8 iron and a driver, you’ll be able to start playing on the course and/or get some golf lessons.

If you’re more advanced and you want to upgrade your equipment, contact us at the Academy for a Custom Fitting session where we can find your perfect fit!

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